One Shot #1051


Canon A-1 • FD 50/1.4 SSC • Agfapan APX100 in Ultrafin T-Plus

Pushing Hard

As I didn't want to "waste" a whole roll of 400ASA film in today's murky weather, I decided to do a little experiment instead. I loaded a dozen images worth of old Agfapan 100 from my bulk loader and set my Canon A-1 to 800ASA, which amounts to a 3-stop underexposure based on the film's nominal speed of 100ASA. I then pushed the film in XTOL (13min @ 20°C) according to the Massive Dev Chart.

Most of the images turned out to be very thin and mushy, but this one I actually liked.


Canon A-1 • 50/1.4 SSC • Agfapan 100 old @ 800ASA in XTOL stock (N+3)

One Shot #979


Canon A-1 • FD 50/1.4 SSC • Agfapan 100 in XTOL