Rolleiflex 2.8F Light Meter Upgrade [Part #2]

Following up on part #1 of my series about replacing my Rolleiflex selenium light meter with a microcontroller-based circuit, this article details the circuit layout.

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Rolleiflex 2.8F Light Meter Upgrade [Part #1]

The Problem With Rolleiflex Meters

As much as I like my Rolleiflex, I never was able to come to terms with its aging and increasingly inaccurate selenium cell light meter. As most of you in a similar situation will know, Rollei originally designed the meter such that selected selenium cells and meter assemblies were matched to each other at the factory based on their electrical characteristics. As a consequence, cells and meters were only available as complete replacement kits and could not be exchanged individually without compromising the accuracy of the meter. Today, it is very hard to find such a replacement kit, let alone at a reasonable price. And even if I could acquire one, I would have no guarantee that this one would not die as well in a week, or a year.

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