Thank you for visiting berg.land, a website about my photographic work. My interests revolve around landscape and nature subjects, predominantly in the European mountains. Depending on the task at hand, I utilize digital equipment as well as traditional darkroom techniques to express my vision in the most compelling way. Feel free to click on the title of any post to leave comments, like or share!

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One Shot #1101

Leica M Monochrom • Zeiss ZM 50/2Leica M Monochrom • Zeiss ZM 50/2

One Shot #1100

Sony RX100 Mk3

One Shot #1098

Leica M240 • Zeiss ZM 50/2Leica M240 • Zeiss ZM 50/2

One Shot #1097

Sony RX100 Mk3Sony RX100 Mk3